10 Best First Baby Dolls

Looking for the perfect baby doll for your child? Below we have rounded up the top ten best first baby dolls for your little one!

Soft, cuddly and of course safe for even newborns, each baby doll offers something different for your child.

Best First Baby Dolls for 1 Year Olds

1. Baby’s First Lullaby Doll

Baby’s First Lullaby Doll by Goldberger sings four well-known nursery rhymes to your child, including Pat-a-Cake and Ring Around The Rosie, when you gently press the doll’s tummy. Soft enough to snuggle and hug, this baby doll will help to stimulate a love for music and creativity. Also helps develop motor skills, stimulates a sense of light and promotes hand-to-eye coordination. As an added bonus, Baby’s First Lullaby Doll is easy to care for as well as machine washable.

2. Baby Amaze Peek & Learn Doll

The Baby Amaze Peek & Learn Doll is a fun interactive doll for your child. Though this baby doll is recommended for ages two years and up, its incredible features can be just as important for your one year old.

Cover the eyes of the baby doll with its hands to play the classic game of peek-a-boo with her. There are also four buttons on the doll that help to teach your child body parts and counting as well as a variety of familiar lullabies. As an added bonus, these lullabies can be played for up to 15 minutes – perfect for helping your child to fall asleep! With over 60 phrases, sayings and songs, the Baby Amaze Peek & Learn Doll is an incredible baby doll option for your child.

3. Snug Up Doll Jonas

Looking for a baby doll for your baby boy? The Snug Up Doll Jonas is soft and plushy yet can also be placed in a seated position. With sewn on clothes that can’t be removed and lead to possible hazards, the Snug Up Doll Jonas is a great first baby doll for a boy or girl.

4. American Girl Bitty Baby Doll

A little pricier than other baby dolls, the American Girl Bitty Baby Doll is worth the extra money. In fact, so many parents love this doll that they voted this baby doll #1 on the Parents’ roundup of “12 Best Baby Dolls of 2016”.

At a total of 15″ tall with eyes that open and close, the American Girl Bitty Baby Doll has a soft and cuddly soft body with a body and head made from vinyl. Each baby doll comes dressed in a diaper and a pink bodysuit, with your choice of clothing color for her. As an added bonus, you can create a personalized welcome announcement with each doll.

5. SafariTime Pals

The SafariTime Pals are available in six different animal costumes. Each baby doll comes with its own animal print removable hood that is made of soft microfiber. The baby doll body is made from soft, squeezable beans and the face is made from vinyl for the perfect combination of soft and adorable.

The animals to choose from are:

  • lion
  • bunny
  • monkey
  • zebra
  • giraffe
  • elephant

6. Adora Bath Time Baby Doll

The Adora Bath Time Doll allows your child to take their favorite baby doll with them to the bath, pool or any other water activity! Each baby doll comes with a washcloth and a removable bathrobe that is animal themed. Once removed, the baby doll has a swimsuit printed body. Made from QuikDri material that dries quickly, the Adora Bath Time Doll is machine washable with eyes that open and close.

7. Corolle Mon Premier Baby Calin Naima Doll

The Corolle Mon Premier Baby Doll has a soft, bean filled body and at 12-inches is the perfect size for your baby’s small hands. With eyes that open and close and a two-piece outfit with coordinating headband, this plush baby doll is a sweet addition to your child’s bed.

The Corolle design team has collaborated with child development experts to ensure that each baby doll enhances and encourages children to play. Corolle produces a line of award winning dolls for all ages.

8. Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna Baby Doll

Melissa & Doug’s Jenna Baby Doll is the ideal baby doll for your newborn on to her toddler years. With a sweet face and a soft body, the Jenna doll has plastic, molded hair and a removable smock outfit with matching hat. Her eyes close when she is laid down and open when she is picked back up. As your child grows she may also be interested in Jenna’s ability to suck her thumb or even a pacifier, which is included with each doll.

9. Disney Sweetheart Doll with Minnie Mouse Dress

This adorable Disney Sweetheart Doll is the perfect doll for any child who loves Minnie Mouse or Disney! A brunette baby doll dressed in purple striped leggings and a purple layered dress with Minnie Mouse, this doll is the perfect partner for nap time, cuddling and tea parties! Soft and plush, this Sweetheart Doll is small and light enough for even the smallest of babies. Machine washable and easy to care for.

10. Enesco Gund My 1st Dolly

My 1st Dolly is a plush baby doll with a sweet dress with lace and polka dot accents. Along with a floppy hat that is decorated with flowers, the words “My First Dolly” are inscribed across the front of the doll’s dress. Due to safety concerns, the entire outfit is stitched securely so that no clothing is removable, even the hat. Appropriate for all ages and machine washable, My 1st Dolly is a sweet baby doll for even newborn babies.

For over 100 years the Gund company has been recognized worldwide for its quality products and award-winning plush designs.

Whether you are looking for a simple baby doll for your child to snuggle with or a more advanced doll that offers learning capabilities, the above list of dolls has something for everyone!

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