Hi! I’m Rachel Skinner. I am also owner of a nutrition firm – OTR Nutrition, LLC. Thank you for taking the time to read more about me! I am extremely passionate about health and wellness. I am also a firm believer that through basic nutrition awareness, we can all start making a difference in our health!

I am so delighted that you took the time to learn more about my site and the services. I am a Nashville-based Dietitian & Nutritionist, media personality, speaker, and consultant.  Let me start out by sharing my experience, as well as the intense love and passion I have for nutrition, with you!

My Nutrition Journey And Founding of OTR Nutrition, LLC:

My passion for nutrition and wellness started years ago as a child, standing side-by-side with my mom in the kitchen, watching my mom cook healthy family meals.

Every meal she created included fresh, whole foods!! I loved watching her craft each ingredient into a fabulously healthy dish for our table.

As a high school tennis player and ballet dancer, I grew to understand the value of proper nutrition. I knew it was essential. If I wanted to get the most out of my body, in both dance and tennis,

I had to eat healthy everyday! Our bodies crave fuel that will nourish, provide constant energy, and help repair it.

I decided on a career in nutrition so that I could both increase my knowledge in the field, as well as share that knowledge with others. I graduated Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. I continued at Lipscomb University through 2003, with an Internship in Dietetics.

Upon graduation in 2003, I became a Registered Dietitian and began my career in the NICU at Baptist Hospital as a clinical nutritionist. After a short year of clinical experience, I worked for Mead Johnson Nutrition. In this position, I traveled across central Tennessee working with local physicians and clinicians on formula nutrition.

I started my own private practice in Nashville, in 20012, called OTR Nutrition, LLC. My main focus was initially on family nutrition counseling, media, speaking, and consulting.

After having the privilege of coaching countless individuals in their own nutrition journey, my business has seemed to spread more into the media, consulting, speaking, and writing arenas. This new growth has been amazing and I am so excited about sharing my ongoing passion for nutrition with you!

I can be reached at rachelskinner49@gmail.com

My address is:

14 Heritage DR,
South Windsor,
Connecticut – 06074