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3 Best Prenatal Vitamins

Whether you are hoping to conceive or are currently pregnant, prenatal vitamins are a must.

Even the healthiest of women can benefit from a prenatal vitamin, as during pregnancy, women need more of specific nutrients that they may not be getting from their daily diet. Continue reading

10 Best First Baby Dolls

Looking for the perfect baby doll for your child? Below we have rounded up the top ten best first baby dolls for your little one!

Soft, cuddly and of course safe for even newborns, each baby doll offers something different for your child. Continue reading

7 Best Earplugs for Sleeping

If you have been struggling to get a good night’s sleep because of a noisy roommate or are troubled by street noise or loud insects, earplugs can prove to be an effective way to reduce noise level and help you sleep comfortably. Continue reading

iGPS Watch Reviews – Best GPS Tracker for Kids


The iGPS is a kids’ watch that works as a tracking device for parents, with two-way calling and Live GPS tracking to improve the safety of your child. It lets you put your kid on a longer leash, with features and price that let you take the worry off your head.
Continue reading

7 Best Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors


If you are training, it’s not easy to tell if you are working hard enough or are in your best heart rate zone. Exercising within a specific heart rate zone is the efficient way to burn calories and improve your fitness regimen.

These HRMs also remind you when its time to slow down during your workout to prevent the risk of injury or burn out. They can prove to be effective tools for training. Continue reading

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