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The iGPS is a kids’ watch that works as a tracking device for parents, with two-way calling and Live GPS tracking to improve the safety of your child. It lets you put your kid on a longer leash, with features and price that let you take the worry off your head.

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Who Should Buy iGPS Watch?

It is not always possible to be with your child physically, making it challenging to keep track of your little one who has a mind of his/her own.

Safety wearables using advanced GPS technology, make it easy to keep a track of the exact location of your child on your smartphone or computer.

There are occasions where your anxiety about your child’s location is at its peak. For instance, when your child goes out trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, on family vacation or even extra-curricular activities after school.

This makes wearable tracking devices great options for kids above the age of 5 years, to monitor their location and habits when guardians are not around.

These wearable devices are a great alternative to cell phones, as children in this age group are not big enough to carry one. They allow you to supervise your child constantly and avoid dangerous situations.

iGPS Watch Features

  • Two-Way Voice Communication, just like a phone, to make calls
  • Live GPS Tracking to see your kid’s location on a map
  • Geo-Fencing to set virtual fences around specific locations
  • SMS text to send text messages to the iGPS watch
  • Wearing Sensor to send a signal to parents in case it is removed
  • SOS Calling allows calling all the preprogrammed emergency contacts on the watch during an emergency
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Listener mode allows you to listen to your child’s surroundings for additional security
  • Doubles up as a regular watch
  • Sleek Design with great UI
  • Free compatibility all for iPhone and Android phones
  • Water-Resistant and shockproof
  • Includes charging cable, USB cable and SIM card
  • Monthly Service Plan including free talk time, unlimited text messaging and GPS tracking

iGPS Watch Pros

  • User-friendly interface that is easy to understand for both the child and guardian. It is important that your child understands all features to be able to use the watch to its full capacity during emergency situations.
  • Locate the exact location using a computer or smartphone. On a computer you can log into your iGPS website account and track. The free WeChat app can be downloaded to monitor location on Android and iOS phones.
  • 3 different tracking modes available to choose from depending on the frequency of location update you need. First, power saving mode to determine location only when a guardian sends text. Second, normal mode that sends location updates every 10 minutes. Real-time mode refreshes the signal every 10 seconds, draining battery life much faster.
  • Geo-fencing feature allows setting 6 different safe zones and get notification when the perimeter is crossed.
  • Pocket friendly price of $109.95

iGPS Watch Cons

  • Setting up the gadget can be a little tricky with small buttons
  • Short battery life that does not last long in real-time mode
  • GPS location can be a little off sometimes.

Filip 2: Best Alternative to iGPS

Filip 2 is a kid’s safety smartwatch cum wearable phone aimed to give kids freedom without compromising on safety. Priced at $199.99, this device provides features and durability in a beautiful design.

If you are ready to invest in Filip 2, it provides features like two-way calling. It uses an innovative blend of GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi to track your child’s exact location, rather than just GPS.

One of the most unique features it boasts is the one-way text messaging, which allows your child to receive messages from parents. The watch can be paired with an iOS and Android app that provides easy access to features including viewing locations on a map, creating and managing SafeZones and managing pre-programmed contacts, to name a few.

Latest feature in Filip2 includes an “intelligent emergency,” which allows children in emergencies to signal parents by pressing a button for 4 seconds.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors with a dust and water resistant body, this can make a great durable tool for your child’s safety. However, the smartwatch is only available in the U.S. currently.


Before buying a wearable safety device, always remember that there are no really “tamper-proof” watches available. Silicon, popularly used in making the band, can be easily tampered with.

There are models available with a tamper alert feature, that send an emergency signal to the parent in case someone removes the device. However, you might not be able to stop them from removing it.

Also, you need to pay attention to GPS limitations. If the device is not SIM-enabled with an active subscription, you might not be able to track the location everywhere.

Make a list of the features important to you like two-way calling, emergency alert, water resistance, user-friendliness and iOS and Android supported companion apps.

Remember that if the watch is expensive, it is not necessarily right for you. Choose the device wisely as your child’s safety depends on it.

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