Snorerx Review – A Great Solution For Peaceful Sleep

Snoring is an intermittent but a noisy occurrence, and is common in people of all age groups and genders. Generally seen as the source of disruption to your and your bed partner’s sleep, snoring is also known to have other health hazards.

Lack of peaceful sleep or disturbed sleep throughout the night causes fatigue and daytime dysfunction, while the high intensity of snoring is linked to high blood pressure and coronary artery diseases that may lead to heart attacks.

Thankfully, there are several devices available nowadays to stop snoring. Let’s discuss the features of one such anti-snoring device called Snorerx.

What Is Snorex ?

Snoring is caused due to an obstructed airway, which reduces the flow of air that we breathe in.

Snorers is a mandibular advancement device (MAD),or jaw retaining mouthpiece, that helps to stop snoring by way of holding the lower jaw in the forward position and making the tongue fall back towards the throat. This kind of positioning makes for better air inflow and stops the throat muscles from vibrating.

The device is made up of a durable medical grade copolymer and does not include materials like rubber bands, springs, screws, etc. It uses ‘boil and bite’ technology for its customized fitting in the mouth, and provides cushioning to avoid any grinding of the teeth while using it.

Snorerx has a calibrator that acts as a standard to measure the jaw adjustment accurately and Posi-Lock that is used to lock and secure the settings, so that it doesn’t change while sleeping.

The front of the device has a large opening for breathing from the mouth.

The Snorerx device is placed inside the mouth before going to bed for reducing or eliminating the snoring.

How Does It Work ?

Snorerx works on the fact that when the lower jaw is pushed forward, the tongue doesn’t relax and end up falling back, thereby creating an open air passage. This leads to improved airflow and relaxed throat muscles, that eventually stop the snoring.

To use Snorerx, you need to first dip the mouthpiece in boiling water for about 90 seconds to soften the polymer. Take it out using a pair of tongs and drop it in cold water for about 2-3 seconds to cool it down a bit.

Customize the device by placing the piece in your mouth and biting it firmly for about 30 seconds to create the impression of your teeth. Drop it in the cold water again for 1- 2 minutes until it hardens. Try and see if it fits properly. The entire process can be repeated 3-4 times until you get the right fit.

Once the fit is perfect, move and adjust the lower jaw forward using the calibrator and figure out the most comfortable position for your mouth. You may want to try several settings for a couple of nights before settling on one.

Snorerx also has its ‘adjusting’ side effects with respect to jaw pain or soreness of the mouth, that ideally disappear within a couple of nights. However, the pain is known to be so unbearable to some users that they couldn’t sleep unless they took the device out.

The mouthpiece also causes excessive drooling or formation of saliva which might be difficult to swallow at times.

Also, Snorerx cannot be used by people with dentures, caps, crowns or bridgework.


Snorerx can be bought for price of $99 per mouthpiece. However, if you opt for 2 or 3 pieces, you can get a discount –

$154 – 2 Mouthpieces
$199 – 3 Mouthpieces

You would also be bearing the shipping cost, which is usually around $10 and the piece is sent via FedEx. In addition to that, you need to pay $2.28 as medical device excise tax.

So clearly, you’ll be shelling out approximately $112 for a single mouthpiece, all inclusive, which might be a tad expensive for some.

The good thing is that they have a 30-day return policy in case you don’t find the device useful or comfortable enough.

Is Snorerx a Good Choice ?

Unlike its competitors where the device designs are usually rigid, the calibrator in Snorerx can easily be used to adjust the forward positioning of the lower jaw, according to your comfort level. And these are micro-adjustments of 1 mm that can go up to 10 mm to suit your needs.

Apart from that, the boil and bite technology helps in molding the device to fit perfectly in the mouth of each user. It’s as though the piece gets customized for each individual user, thereby reducing the pain or soreness while getting used to it.

The device has an advanced design and comes with a lifespan of 12-15 months, unlike most others which are just 4-6 months.

These special features of Snorerx, set it apart from other branded mouthpieces, and make for an ideal anti-snore device.

Quick Assessment


  • Adjustable mandibular advancement device
  • Calibrated settings adjustable up to 10mm with 1mm increments
  • Large hole in the front for easy breathing through the mouth
  • Settings can be locked and secured for the night
  • Lifespan for 12-15 months
  • Cleared by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)
  • 30-day refund policy


  • May not be suitable for everyone, as each person has unique mouth and snoring needs
  • Not recommended for anyone with caps, crowns or dentures
  • Causes drooling during the initial period of wearing it
  • May experience slight discomfort or soreness of the jaws while getting used to it
  • Expensive

Alternatives to Snorerx

Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) is a tongue stabilizing device. It is ready to use and doesn’t need any customization, as one size fits all. It is also suitable for people with dentures and comes with a longer lifespan.

However, it requires you to breathe from the nose which makes it difficult to use if you have a cold or a nose block. Also, the unit price is more than that of Snorerx and it requires a certified cleaning solution from the pharmacy for cleaning the mouthpiece.

One can also opt for VitalSleep or Airsnore, both of which are MAD devices and use the boil and bite technology.

Airsnore has a 60-day refund policy, comes with ‘Airsnore drops’ that provide antiseptic properties and soothes nasal congestion during cold. But unlike Snorerx, Airsnore doesn’t have an adjustable feature to custom fit the mouthpiece, and isn’t approved by FDA, either.

Vitalsleep can be worn by people with dentures. However, the design of the device makes for a loose fit, since the mold fits around the gum line rather than the teeth which creates crevices that require thorough cleaning.

Quick Wrap-up

Snorerx has an advanced design and is an easy to use device. It is fully functional, well constructed, and has provisions to make micro-level forward and backward jaw adjustments for your comfort, without using any extra tools.

The customization of the mold makes for an easy fit in the mouth, though some may continue to experience the discomfort, soreness and drooling during the initial few days.

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